Know Your Light Attracts Flies

Shine Bright…

Know your light attracts flies but…

that doesn’t mean it lessens your value any from being a light. You ever wonder why people are uncomfortable around you? Why you are always the one pouring out and when you share your gifts it’s either quiet or you discern resentfulness? Why your free spiritedness makes people question who you are because they can’t quite put their finger on you?

You don’t have to fit in a box and you were never meant to. You are not conformed to this world because you are His. He knows every single hair on your head and knew you before you were ever formed in your mother’s womb. You say I’m just a wife, mom, my life is made up of the mundane tasks I have to fulfill everyday, what makes me so different? But woman you are unique. Before the butterflies comes the flies…and when you finally get out of your own way and free yourself from the opinions of others , becoming willing and patient enough to wait for your butterflies; the ones who pour into you, encourage you, love on you, and lift you up for who God created you to be it will make you that much more appreciative and the wait just that much more worth it.

Know flies graze the surface of you but never get close enough to see what is the source of your light. They are drawn to your light but never stay long enough to see the warmth that comes from what gives you life. They say if you take a pail of water and hold it 10 cm. away to the light the very reflection of the water from the light will kill the flies it attracts. People will come and go but embrace the lessons they bring. Listen to what they teach you and celebrate each season! In it all know that Jesus is our water and He pours daily when you press into Him. He shows His love through isolating and pruning you; by growing your integrity and character through the fiery fires of life. But when the buds come so do the butterflies. Propagating relationships of trust, pouring in as well as pulling out fertile roots of growth. So shine bright and wait so He can grow your gifts, your territory, and your light!!

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