His Table

Sometimes you don’t even know you’re starving until you are fed…..

He called me to His table…
And I ate at His feet with my toes curled in the grass as He drew the most magnificent purples, pinks, and oranges into an open canvased sky. As I watched the water dance, the sun swayed low to kiss the horizon. Such peace comes from seeking His presence. When I rose all the days stresses washed away with the soft lull of the tide.

What if we met Him where we were at? Imperfect and flawed? With the spring break and the babies occupied my fervent prayer has been that He show me the peace that comes from seeking Him. Amidst the pandemic its not always so easy…between work, kids, dinner prep, laundry, bath times and the list goes on to intentionally seek Him, but today this pocket of time was the blessing I needed. Some days I feel guilty for letting the time spent with Him go past me but I’m reminded of His promises and guilt is not one of them.

This states it perfectly, “He walks out on to the water to calm our hearts and still the wind and the waves. We don’t have to travel or drive or even strive to be with God. He is right in front of us, heart wide open, ready to hear whatever is on our hearts.”

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