His Peace

Peace is precious make sure it’s not in vain like Cain. It’s worth it’s weight in gold,  Avoid the ways of this world living cold, conforming, molding to the norms. You weren’t formed this way, be it as it may. Know Peace sometimes brings pain. Its a gain, growth in pain; strength comes when we renew our mind you’ll find His wisdom is extensive. Peace is expensive but the Prince of Peace already paid the price He rolled the dice like grains of rice calculated with His life to make it right. Fighting to find His light for a battle that’s already been won, don’t shun that light. Shuffling around like sheep pushed to leap, pressed blind in fear when He is just that near do not fear.. easily moved, and shaken but Jehovah Jireh He is immovable.. we are His keep..always ready to catch each fall and answer the call & lift our feet. Stop living broken when he already broke the bread, fed by His blood and body. Still stuck thinking you nobody? He’s read all the pages of your book and knows each nook. Look, why you still trying to pay with a lease what was bought with grace, finally able to see His face, to live His Peace, He smoothed out each crease. He paid the fee. Beautifully broken a living word giving us eternal life to fly free cause He holds the key, the caged bird finally let free, the door was open, sitting broken with a choice when we were already Chosen, stuck between Heaven and Hell,which one will we we embrace and fight for our case. Light or darkness? Fighting flesh to embrace His spirit to feel His presence. Stop avoiding the lesson, the essence of our soul is to walk in His love its more than enough. Peace is precious…To live with the Holiest of spirits, denying flesh and bone to know our home was their all along between flesh and bone there was our soul, it was never in vain. He paid the price . To Him, it’s worth it’s weight and we were always worth the wait.

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