Using Herbaceutical Air Teas

At the first sign of seeing me open the kitchen cabinet where they know I keep our air teas I see Ava come running towards with the boys in tow mouth wide open with a big ol’ grin on her face! I take the dropper and let her have a couple drops as she stalks me for more.

You’re probably wondering what exactly is Air Tea? I asked myself the same question when our Holistic Pediatrician suggested we always keep one on hand during cold and flue seasons. That was years ago, and since then it has been adopted into our routine. Okay, let’s back put it in lamen terms Air Teas are a blend of traditional Chinese herbs that have been used for thousands of years specifically Magnolia bark that have Anticancer and Antioxidant benefits, that actually taste good lol.  I either give it to them warm like a tea or use the dropper straight during our morning prep to get them out the house for school. This boosts their immunity for the whole month!

Follow the link for more details on Immun -A – TEA

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