The Leftovers

“What you decide to do with the leftovers is where you will find all the Glory that God gives!!” Sarah Jake’s said that!

Man…I felt that to my core. When everything is said and done will you get back up and try again or stay down and out? Meet Him where your at? Dust those knees off and get back up? You are not defined by what was left but what you decide to do with it.

Start……and see His light come shining through all the projects you put down in the darkness cause you thought they weren’t good enough…have Hope and believe in the anchor of His goodness and truth that He trusted you enough to give you a purpose and willed you to get up and believe you were always more than enough, more than what they thought you were.

If you let Him show you, He will spill over and out onto every moment of doubt, analytical thought, and insecurity. When you felt like the imposter in the room he put you first on that roaster and let you shine bright while they wondered where these qualifications even came from He was busy multiplying through your leftovers!!!

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