You’re Calling

This is what it looks like to get fed by His living word…

“What if we are the words that we are waiting to hear?” God often answers your call by answering the prayers of others who felt exactly like you did …that’s the beauty of a calling … You can start right where you’re at..He uses your testimonies and what you thought would define you in your weakness He pours His light into those dark places and gives you a renewed strength to bring others close to Him and in the process filled you with an unspeakable joy that no one else could fill except Him.

That’s the beauty of loving Christ, when you come to the table hungry, He always feeds His children. You’ll leave pouring out His light, wanting everyone else to get a taste of His indescribable glory!! I can’t stress enough personal relationship is everything! Get to know Him for yourself and He will meet you where you’re at and I promise He won’t keep you there cause He’s just that good!! He’s a restorer!!

You want community? He will bring it to you with like-minded people in rooms you thought you’d never see! Want purpose? Get specific in you’re prayers. Want clear answers? Ask and fast in prayer…Can you hear through these words that my confidence comes from Him, my validation, my fire!!!! If you are struggling to find Him or feel overwhelmed by the messiness of life, adulting, or are going through something that you can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel? Know He’s not all fire and brimstone, He’s a Father who’s possessive over all His children and He wants you, He loves you, and you have something in you that no one can bring to the world except you!

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