How we’re using Homeopathy to fight sickness this cold season

Not sure bout yall but it’s definitely get sick season for children at their schools and daycare. Our kids had gotten sick with Hand Foot and Mouth and we were able to come to the table fully prepped and ready! One thing I love about homeopathy is it’s not one size shoe fits all, each remedy is catered to their physical and emotional state. With the cold approaching this is how were fighting back against sickness. Here are some of our household favs

1. Belladonna – For Managing Sore Throat
I use Belladonna as a remedy for sore throat. I use it to reduce fevers for the kids or when they complain of feeling pain, dryness, or soreness in the throat.

2. Hepar Sulph – For sore throat when it feels painful and raw and hurts to swallow..relieves sores in the mouth from hand foot and mouth and is generally used when you feel like the soreness or pain is radiating all the way to your ears. If you feel mucus in the back of your throat when you swallow this will also help relieve the discomfort and expel mucus

3. Borax – When canker sores occur from HFM this relieves the irritation and discomfort.

4. Sea Moss – This is a two thousand year old remedy that was used all over the world native to the Carribbean and Ireland that was gathered as a means of immunity against infections and inflammation. With 92 out of 110 vitamins and minerals we need sea moss is the powerhouse of all natural remedies. I use sea moss along with our probiotics and multivitamins but if we ever run out of all the other stuff I don’t freak since sea moss stays on deck in our fridge. We get it from our local health food store but here are a couple links for more info on sea moss and where you can grab it from!

http://Homeopathic Remedy Hepar Sulph

http://Homeopathic Remedy Belladonna

http://Homeopathic Remedy Borax

http://Health Benefits of Sea Moss

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