Galactagote Natural Remedies for Breastfeeding

Keep your supply up with these natural remedies. I was able to avoid having to pump and breastfeed for up to 18 months by intentionally using these remedies within my day. Use it as a tea, in a smoothie, or sprinkle over your food when cooking. I am not a doctor or certified practitioner. Just sharing my personal experiences of what has worked best for me. As always please consult a herbalist or holistic doctor who is trained in herbs/ natural remedies.

Chayote: is used in the Carribbean culture to help produce breast milk and is packed full with vitamins & minerals.
– While pregnant this squash like fruit helps maintain a healthy blood pressure from the potassium & helps clean the blood.
– The folic acid helps prevent birth defects and birth weight.
– Vitamin K helps to clot the blood. This is very important during labor.
– Vitamin C is great for the immune system.

Brewer’s Yeast: I would add this to my smoothies or add it in some warm milk with vanilla. It not only helps produce milk but makes you feel more energized. As a new mom it’d hard finding things to combat that tired feeling.
– Helps balance blood sugar levels
– Regulates those roller coaster hormones and is a natural immune booster for you and baby – – Has vitamins high in iron, b6, b12, zinc, and chromium.

Alfalfa: best used as a dry herb form not raw. This herb in small amounts when sprinkled on to food or added to a smoothie in powder form is a known superfood and has been used for breastfeeding moms for centuries.
– It has high amounts of vitamin K
– Helps with overall digestion
– Reduces inflammation
– Helps maintain healthy blood sugar & pressure.
Don’t over do it with this one being that it can cause diarrhea in large amounts. A little goes a long way when used in moderation.

Moringa: Used for centuries for its medicinal benefits this superfood is high in plant protein and is choc filled with vitamin k, vitamin c, iron, amino acids, and vitamins A & E. Read the article attached for more info:

Dill Weed: Dill is high in fiber, vitamin K, A, and C.  This herb helps post delivery with the healing process and allows the blood to clot preventing hemorrhage during birth. Keep your hormones balanced out and battle post partum blues. Simply sprinkle over your food or have as a tea to increase your milk supply.                   

Goat’s Rue: Is a natural blood purifier and lowers blood pressure. Also used  to promote breast tissue. Use as a tincture, tea, or as a supplement in powdered form.

Milk Thistle: Sought out for centuries this herb helps with inflammation, ridding the body of toxins,  antiviral benefits, and has natural plant estrogen. Do not use while pregnant or taking birth control pills.   

Fennel: Used for centuries to soothe colic in babies, digestive issues, and helps promote eye and brain development in babies you will find fennel in several breastfeeding supplements.

If you are on any medication or birth control as always consult your medical practitioner before using.

Which one’s have you used before?

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