Christmas with Kids

Having your kids fully present and excited for Christmas takes it to a whole nother level! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this excited all year! 6, 4, and 2 are the perfect ages for a fully present Christmas & the best part of it all was feeling their joy, it was every bit that more contagious!

Maybe that’s how Jesus felt when He witnessed us walking more self-assured in discerning our worth. Recognize this every time you have a moment of self doubt: YOU were to die for!! YOU were so precious in His eyes He died just for you.

This is not just some stamp on another Happy Holiday it is HIS day that we get to remember He changed His true form to come into the earth and show us just how much we were really worth to Him. As you witness Christmas from your children’s eyes remember that same love you’re feeling today for them your Father’s love for you. Its just that much and more…

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