Saved in Secret Places

It’s the 4th of the New Year already. We are surrounded by such pain and suffering. Wishing we had bought what it feels like those left behind in 2021 with us hand in hand into the New Year. Breathing in the tears, fears, and those who we held dear. But He said stop holding your breath. Breathe out my child, release the pain, say His name. His tears are like the rain, He cares for you too. Look up. See your name?

You’re free, He is the key. Bent in agony for all to see His blood saved you so we could be new, as He flew in the spirit He left a piece of Himself just for you, don’t be blue. If you belong to Him it’s written; your Happy ending; favor and blessings.

You have the King’s heart and that’s all you need to start. He never left you, time to turn the page. You are bound in His joy He will show you which way to go and lift up your soul. He told me to tell you 2022 brings His peace. And He saves those in the most secret of places. Now it’s time to do what He has told you to do. Push through there is more for you to do!

(Psalm 143:8)

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