About Jess Marie

The vision of this blog is to help expecting moms through the journey of motherhood with what the Most High has helped me develop through homeopathy, natural remedies & healthy living tips when it comes to raising your own families.

My mission is to help expecting mothers with the resources I didn’t have, come to terms with becoming a mom through emotional, mental, and spiritual direction.

Jess Marie is of Haitian American descent, originally born and raised in New Jersey, currently resides in Orlando with her husband Dwayne and three children; two handsome little boys and their baby girl, all under the age of five. When she’s not busy chasing after toddlers she also enjoys writing about her faith, sharing healthy recipes, discovering new natural remedies, designing her Boho space, or creating bouquets. She expresses herself in many ways and this is simply a platform designed to share it all in hopes to encourage and inspire!

Her Loves💖:  A good chai latte☕ from Starbucks, Peppermint Matcha Frappuccino’s , sushi, poke bowls, anything avocado 🥑, Nigerian Afrobeat music, dancing salsa💃🏾 in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals, Boho inspired decor, breakfast is my favorite and biggest meal of the day,  time with my Daddy in my prayer room, and the quiet that comes from waking up before the kids!

Not a Lover of 🛑: Bananas, chocolate ice cream, kiwis, unfolded laundry,  pessimistic people, being a perfectionist.

Just Thoughts

Galactagote Natural Remedies for Breastfeeding

Keep your supply up with these natural remedies. I was able to avoid having to pump and breastfeed for up to 18 months by intentionally using these remedies within my day. Use it as a tea, in a smoothie, or sprinkle over your food when cooking. I am not a doctor or certified practitioner. Just…

How we’re using Homeopathy to fight sickness this cold season

Not sure bout yall but it’s definitely get sick season for children at their schools and daycare. Our kids had gotten sick with Hand Foot and Mouth and we were able to come to the table fully prepped and ready! One thing I love about homeopathy is it’s not one size shoe fits all, each…

His Angels

What it looks like traveling with three babies. Although their not all so little anymore. This stroller is literally my lifeline every time I go out with them. It’s either they are all well behaved angels and sit still with their little tablets (yes they have tablets) as I take my time to get what…