Chunky Tzatziki Salad

Inspired by electric eats quick lunch ideas this was soo good as a wrap or just that salad you know is gonna hit the spot! Since I work from home this was perfect with minimal prep. Ingredients: 1 cup of non-dairy yogurtJuice from 2 key limes1 small red onion diced1 small radish diced1 tsp of […]

Saved in Secret Places

It’s the 4th of the New Year already. We are surrounded by such pain and suffering. Wishing we had bought what it feels like those left behind in 2021 with us hand in hand into the New Year. Breathing in the tears, fears, and those who we held dear. But He said stop holding your […]

Christmas with Kids

Having your kids fully present and excited for Christmas takes it to a whole nother level! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this excited all year! 6, 4, and 2 are the perfect ages for a fully present Christmas & the best part of it all was feeling their joy, it was every bit […]