Galactagote Natural Remedies for Breastfeeding

Keep your supply up with these natural remedies. I was able to avoid having to pump and breastfeed for up to 18 months by intentionally using these remedies within my day. Use it as a tea, in a smoothie, or sprinkle over your food when cooking. I am not a doctor or certified practitioner. Just sharing my personal experiences of what has worked best for me. As always please consult a herbalist or holistic doctor who is trained in herbs/ natural remedies.

Chayote: is used in the Carribbean culture to help produce breast milk and is packed full with vitamins & minerals.
– While pregnant this squash like fruit helps maintain a healthy blood pressure from the potassium & helps clean the blood.
– The folic acid helps prevent birth defects and birth weight.
– Vitamin K helps to clot the blood. This is very important during labor.
– Vitamin C is great for the immune system.

Brewer’s Yeast: I would add this to my smoothies or add it in some warm milk with vanilla. It not only helps produce milk but makes you feel more energized. As a new mom it’d hard finding things to combat that tired feeling.
– Helps balance blood sugar levels
– Regulates those roller coaster hormones and is a natural immune booster for you and baby – – Has vitamins high in iron, b6, b12, zinc, and chromium.

Alfalfa: best used as a dry herb form not raw. This herb in small amounts when sprinkled on to food or added to a smoothie in powder form is a known superfood and has been used for breastfeeding moms for centuries.
– It has high amounts of vitamin K
– Helps with overall digestion
– Reduces inflammation
– Helps maintain healthy blood sugar & pressure.
Don’t over do it with this one being that it can cause diarrhea in large amounts. A little goes a long way when used in moderation.

Moringa: Used for centuries for its medicinal benefits this superfood is high in plant protein and is choc filled with vitamin k, vitamin c, iron, amino acids, and vitamins A & E. Read the article attached for more info:

Dill Weed: Dill is high in fiber, vitamin K, A, and C.  This herb helps post delivery with the healing process and allows the blood to clot preventing hemorrhage during birth. Keep your hormones balanced out and battle post partum blues. Simply sprinkle over your food or have as a tea to increase your milk supply.                   

Goat’s Rue: Is a natural blood purifier and lowers blood pressure. Also used  to promote breast tissue. Use as a tincture, tea, or as a supplement in powdered form.

Milk Thistle: Sought out for centuries this herb helps with inflammation, ridding the body of toxins,  antiviral benefits, and has natural plant estrogen. Do not use while pregnant or taking birth control pills.   

Fennel: Used for centuries to soothe colic in babies, digestive issues, and helps promote eye and brain development in babies you will find fennel in several breastfeeding supplements.

If you are on any medication or birth control as always consult your medical practitioner before using.

Which one’s have you used before?

How we’re using Homeopathy to fight sickness this cold season

Not sure bout yall but it’s definitely get sick season for children at their schools and daycare. Our kids had gotten sick with Hand Foot and Mouth and we were able to come to the table fully prepped and ready! One thing I love about homeopathy is it’s not one size shoe fits all, each remedy is catered to their physical and emotional state. With the cold approaching this is how were fighting back against sickness. Here are some of our household favs

1. Belladonna – For Managing Sore Throat
I use Belladonna as a remedy for sore throat. I use it to reduce fevers for the kids or when they complain of feeling pain, dryness, or soreness in the throat.

2. Hepar Sulph – For sore throat when it feels painful and raw and hurts to swallow..relieves sores in the mouth from hand foot and mouth and is generally used when you feel like the soreness or pain is radiating all the way to your ears. If you feel mucus in the back of your throat when you swallow this will also help relieve the discomfort and expel mucus

3. Borax – When canker sores occur from HFM this relieves the irritation and discomfort.

4. Sea Moss – This is a two thousand year old remedy that was used all over the world native to the Carribbean and Ireland that was gathered as a means of immunity against infections and inflammation. With 92 out of 110 vitamins and minerals we need sea moss is the powerhouse of all natural remedies. I use sea moss along with our probiotics and multivitamins but if we ever run out of all the other stuff I don’t freak since sea moss stays on deck in our fridge. We get it from our local health food store but here are a couple links for more info on sea moss and where you can grab it from!

http://Homeopathic Remedy Hepar Sulph

http://Homeopathic Remedy Belladonna

http://Homeopathic Remedy Borax

http://Health Benefits of Sea Moss

His Angels

What it looks like traveling with three babies. Although their not all so little anymore. This stroller is literally my lifeline every time I go out with them. It’s either they are all well behaved angels and sit still with their little tablets (yes they have tablets) as I take my time to get what I need or it’s complete chaos and they are all trying to escape, especially our two year old little girl. It’s days like those when I don’t feel like I have it all together God sends an angel my way to encourage me that’s His job..He is our strength when we don’t have any left to tell us Go mama! you got this! That friendly soul who will hold that door open or send a genuine smile your way with a head nod. That silent I see you, I get you, I empathize with you. It’s the silver lining of the chaos that makes you just feel understood. Like yeah you ventured out the house with three kids and you did that.

So from me to you momma out there who feel like they are falling a part some days. I see you but so does He. You don’t need to have it all together, you don’t have to feel less than, you are brave, you got this. And even though some may see it as not a big deal you are doing big things and raising the world…their little souls are in your possession and you are doing amazing!

Chickpea Tacos

These chickpea tacos pack the perfect punch; crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I loved the fried artichokes so much I threw it in a taco and paired it with my green sauce inspired by a Peruvian green sauce that goes good with about anything!


• 1 can of organic chickpeas drained and dried
• 2 tsp. grapeseed oil
• 1½ tsp. curry powder
• ½ tsp. onion powder
• ½ tsp cumin
• ½ tsp. sweet paprika
• ½ tsp. fine sea salt

Green Sauce:
• You can use cilantro or parsley
• 1/2 cup of brazil nuts or walnuts as nut cream in place of mayo
• Juice from 2/3 key limes
• 2 tbs. of extra virgin olive oil
• Salt to tast
• 4 tsp yellow mustard
• 1/2 jalapeño 


• On cast iron pan add grapeseed oil until pan is hot

• Use bowl to add spices add drained chickpeas and shake until they are all seasoned and spread out into pan.

•  cook until golden brown it will smell amazing!! Add a squeeze of key lime for extra flavor. Add in your favorites! I used tomatoes, fried artichokes, and kale💕

• Set aside to add to tacos

Using Herbaceutical Air Teas

At the first sign of seeing me open the kitchen cabinet where they know I keep our air teas I see Ava come running towards with the boys in tow mouth wide open with a big ol’ grin on her face! I take the dropper and let her have a couple drops as she stalks me for more.

You’re probably wondering what exactly is Air Tea? I asked myself the same question when our Holistic Pediatrician suggested we always keep one on hand during cold and flue seasons. That was years ago, and since then it has been adopted into our routine. Okay, let’s back put it in lamen terms Air Teas are a blend of traditional Chinese herbs that have been used for thousands of years specifically Magnolia bark that have Anticancer and Antioxidant benefits, that actually taste good lol.  I either give it to them warm like a tea or use the dropper straight during our morning prep to get them out the house for school. This boosts their immunity for the whole month!

Follow the link for more details on Immun -A – TEA

His Peace

Peace is precious make sure it’s not in vain like Cain. It’s worth it’s weight in gold,  Avoid the ways of this world living cold, conforming, molding to the norms. You weren’t formed this way, be it as it may. Know Peace sometimes brings pain. Its a gain, growth in pain; strength comes when we renew our mind you’ll find His wisdom is extensive. Peace is expensive but the Prince of Peace already paid the price He rolled the dice like grains of rice calculated with His life to make it right. Fighting to find His light for a battle that’s already been won, don’t shun that light. Shuffling around like sheep pushed to leap, pressed blind in fear when He is just that near do not fear.. easily moved, and shaken but Jehovah Jireh He is immovable.. we are His keep..always ready to catch each fall and answer the call & lift our feet. Stop living broken when he already broke the bread, fed by His blood and body. Still stuck thinking you nobody? He’s read all the pages of your book and knows each nook. Look, why you still trying to pay with a lease what was bought with grace, finally able to see His face, to live His Peace, He smoothed out each crease. He paid the fee. Beautifully broken a living word giving us eternal life to fly free cause He holds the key, the caged bird finally let free, the door was open, sitting broken with a choice when we were already Chosen, stuck between Heaven and Hell,which one will we we embrace and fight for our case. Light or darkness? Fighting flesh to embrace His spirit to feel His presence. Stop avoiding the lesson, the essence of our soul is to walk in His love its more than enough. Peace is precious…To live with the Holiest of spirits, denying flesh and bone to know our home was their all along between flesh and bone there was our soul, it was never in vain. He paid the price . To Him, it’s worth it’s weight and we were always worth the wait.

My Younger Self.

• • • • • • • • • • • 𝚋𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 • • • • • • • • • • • •

I really wish sometimes I could go back and tell my 20 year old self not to care so much what everyone else thought and just have given all that attention to being the best version of myself. That there will never be a day you simply arrive in life….

That we should give our best version of our selves in everything our hands touch regardless of who’s looking. That being present in each moment is what would count most; Being in my 30’s is such a freeing experience knowing that despite the highs, the lows, the joys, and dissapoints being myself is enough as long as I bring my whole self unapologetically to the table.

That time is a gift…don’t be so eager to get there, just do all the things that bring you joy…dance in the kitchen with that spatula as you cook dinner, dye your hair, do something you’ve been putting off and love yourself as much as God said He loves you, be patient with yourself and always remain the most relevant part of your story.

Know Your Light Attracts Flies

Know Your Light Attracts Flies

Shine Bright…

Know your light attracts flies but…

that doesn’t mean it lessens your value any from being a light. You ever wonder why people are uncomfortable around you? Why you are always the one pouring out and when you share your gifts it’s either quiet or you discern resentfulness? Why your free spiritedness makes people question who you are because they can’t quite put their finger on you?

You don’t have to fit in a box and you were never meant to. You are not conformed to this world because you are His. He knows every single hair on your head and knew you before you were ever formed in your mother’s womb. You say I’m just a wife, mom, my life is made up of the mundane tasks I have to fulfill everyday, what makes me so different? But woman you are unique. Before the butterflies comes the flies…and when you finally get out of your own way and free yourself from the opinions of others , becoming willing and patient enough to wait for your butterflies; the ones who pour into you, encourage you, love on you, and lift you up for who God created you to be it will make you that much more appreciative and the wait just that much more worth it.

Know flies graze the surface of you but never get close enough to see what is the source of your light. They are drawn to your light but never stay long enough to see the warmth that comes from what gives you life. They say if you take a pail of water and hold it 10 cm. away to the light the very reflection of the water from the light will kill the flies it attracts. People will come and go but embrace the lessons they bring. Listen to what they teach you and celebrate each season! In it all know that Jesus is our water and He pours daily when you press into Him. He shows His love through isolating and pruning you; by growing your integrity and character through the fiery fires of life. But when the buds come so do the butterflies. Propagating relationships of trust, pouring in as well as pulling out fertile roots of growth. So shine bright and wait so He can grow your gifts, your territory, and your light!!